We organised our second Meetup on 4th August,2018. The main agenda of Meetup was the money management and how can one save from their earnings to have overall financial development. The session was Moderated by wealth coach ‘Harsha Garg’ of Wealth Gym.

We started session with money management. There are  4 major aspects of money. That is earning, savings, investing and spending.These 4 aspects covers all major aspects of money.

Let’s assume a person starts earning after graduating from college.As soon as she started working and earning, her major earnings will go  on housing, clothing, food and travelling. Then rest may be to her family, savings, hobbies, education  and investing .

Then a question was asked that “I could not able to save much from earnings and I spend most of the earnings. How I can save more ?”. After a long discussion with other fellows,everyone  talks about a similar problem  in general as they don’t able to save and thus not able to invest.

After a discussion on this, our moderator gave us an activity to classify your spends into 4 different quadrants.


This activity helps everyone on deciding what spend and what not to spend, and thus helps each everyone of us increase their spendings

Then A question arises ‘What percentage of earnings one should save?’  we debated a lot  on this and found it his/her personal choice how much one should save.But one should follow cash flow in proper fashion:

Earnings-> Save-> Invest –> Spend

After earning, one should  first save and only then should  invest and spend.

As the  time getting over, we  planned to conclude the session over here and will continue on next meetup from here on Savings and Investing

I would like to thank  Harsha Garg  for moderating the meetup.

This meetup is part of our ongoing meetup series on ”Pain Points in Financial Services”.

Please do join us for our next meetup to   know more  about financial products, Financial services,Money Management,Personal Finance, etc. 

Our meetups held every fortnight starting from 21st July,2018.

Here is meetup link:- https://www.meetup.com/Delhi_money/events/cjfwbqyxlbgb/

Or join our WhatsApp Group here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/1piUa07J8bV7UgwGKQiKW7

Our next meetup is going to happen on 19 Aug,2018, please register your self here for our next meetup: https://goo.gl/forms/SpX8MvCNGPYI6Maf1

See you at next meetup ?

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